The X Factor named Trump.  Despite all the rhetoric and renegotiation of trade deals, real estate is in good shape in the US. Most real estate sales and real estate investment experts are predicting a strong year ahead for US housing in 2017, through 2018 and beyond.

In some markets home prices continue their relentless climb and outside of major markets, the growth potential in the next 5 years is highest. Take a look at the best cities to invest in real estate and share your stories of which cities we should know about.

Is LA the benchmark city for real estate?

Yet, there is speculation of a housing crash in Miami, Los AngelesSan Francisco Bay Area, Charlotte, San Diego, San Jose, Denver, Seattle, and many other overheated markets.  These are interesting times where fortunes will be won and lost. Let’s hope you and your loved ones make the right property investment decisions!

This post has numerous insightful charts, videos and perspectives to help you understand the housing market in 2017, 2018 and beyond. Are President Trump’s initiatives changing the fundamentals of the markets? Probably not. In fact, his efforts will result in more confidence and more building of homes because higher paying jobs are on the way. Lots of investors are checking out this page on Rental income property  — huge ROI possible — 30 to 40% reported. Real estate investing has to be the number one hobby in America today.

There are plenty of buyers, especially first time buyers this year because jobs growth and income growth are climbing.  The housing experts are predicting existing home sales of 6 to 6.5 million units in 2017 and then above 1.3 million new homes being built per month up to 2024.

Will it be enough? When American builders are feeling optimistic, it’s a good omen, however 1.5 million units is more what is needed to fill forecasted demand.

What’s also a good omen is what you’re going to read in this post. It may help you do many things in 2017, from finding employment (see the US Jobs forecast), to understanding politics, discovering high performing best investments 2017 to researching the best cities to live or invest in.